With different ranges of cork granulate, Granaz gives this 100% natural product a second life. We are specialized manufacturers, intermediaries between the waste of this raw material and its use in the most diverse industries. Always with the most demanding standard of product quality and service.


We were born to supply the cork industry, but we have evolved and adapted our production to the growing needs of the global market. Today we produce granulates for multiple applications from civil construction to footwear.


With a rigorous production circuit accompanied by innovative systems, the quality control of our laboratory gives Granaz granules the seal of excellence, which includes the SYSTECODE certificate (CIPR – International Code of Cork Stopper Practices).


We are in Alentejo, in the privileged area of ​​the Montados. And here the opportunity arose to transform this valuable raw material into granulated cork that, increasingly, supply different markets and different manufacturing companies.