We work with nature and we work for nature. We know that quality comes from efficient working methods and the creation of optimal conditions for the manufacture of our granules. That’s why we have a portfolio of more than 50 active clients, spread over 3 continents.



We are in Alentejo, in the privileged area of ​​the Montados. And here the opportunity arose to transform this valuable raw material into granulated cork that, increasingly, supply different markets and different manufacturing companies.


2014 marks a change in the market. The increased demand led us to new answers. We created production processes and developed innovative treatment methodologies. The ALB system, designed by Granaz, is implemented for the sterilization and cleaning of the granules and a complete laboratory is created for the analysis of the quality of the materials.

Present day

We grew sustainably, accumulated experience, added knowledge, and achieved success where we are today. Currently, Granaz produces around 15 thousand tons of granulate per year and is proud to be one of the most important local employers.

The Future

In addition to the quality of its products, Granaz values ​​its reduced carbon footprint. After an investment in photovoltaic panels and biomass boilers, a large part of the company’s consumption is made of renewable energy. We work with nature, in the present, for sustainability in the future.